Scar Tissue Release RESEARCH

SCAR TISSUE RELEASE - Research Exiting News!  An investigative pilot study into the effects of MSTR on C-Section scars is being conducted at The Newcastle Clinic (UK) in June 2019.  Alastair McLoughlin who developed the technique will be working with Consultant...

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The Scalene Muscles and Neck Pain

Neck Pain Why are the Scalenes so ignored?  Well, they are hard to release and there are a number of them within each section.  They also run very deep.  However, they can be the cause of major pain and restriction.  Emotional pain can affect them too.   Whiplash...

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A retired foot surgeon’s true confession

Medical Intervention "How many unnecessary foot surgeries, cortisone injections, prescriptions, and referrals to orthopaedics and physical therapy did I take part in?  Recently, I reflected on thousands of my former patients.  From 1975 to 1995 I did foot surgery on...

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