Research & Studies

More valid research projects studies are being carried out for Complementary Therapies, and BOWEN Therapy is no exception (see below).  We are not allowed to make claims unless there is a strong evidence base backed by clinical research.

The public need to know that there are valid alternatives to conventional medicine.  It is in everyone’s interest to find ways of providing a strong evidence base for this therapy.   

In the meantime, a non-invasive, gentle therapy such as BOWEN Therapy, EMMETT Technique and NST can take you a long way towards helping preserve health, ease pain and be the best you can.

Bowen Therapy


Effects of The Bowen Technique on Flexibility Levels by Michelle Marr, MSc, BSc (Hons) PgCert Ed, MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist, and senior lecturer at Coventry University. The first properly conducted research using The Bowen Technique was published in July 2011 and presented to the International Fascia Research Congress in Boston USA in 2007. The study concluded that “A single treatment of the Bowen Technique significantly increases the flexibility of the hamstring muscles in healthy subjects and maintains this increase for a period of one week.

Back Pain

The Bowen Technique and chronic, non­specific low back pain: a feasibility study by Michael F Morris MSc., Dr David R Ellard PhD., Dr Shilpa Patel C. Psychol. Another significant study concluded that an appropriately powered Randomised Controlled Trial would allow the clinical cost and effectiveness of The Bowen Technique as a treatment option for non-­specific low back pain to be formally evaluated.

Other Bowen Studies

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Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)

The founder of NST, Michael Nixon­Livy teamed up with the Psicosomatico Institute in Italy during 2004­ to 2006 to research the effectiveness of NST in an integrated therapeutic setting within a hospital. Results showed an improvement in measurable assessments of range of movement, as well as subjective assessments such as quality of life and pain that were ‘statistically significant’. This was part of a broader search throughout Italy to identify complementary health techniques which deserved pain relief recognition from the allopathic medical community. Results can be seen on the NST website.

Emmett Technique

The first research programme in the UK for the Emmett Technique is currently being done, and results are expected soon.

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