Testimonials are important as anecdotal evidence to help peope see that others have indeed benefited in some way from BOWEN Therapy and the other techniques I use. 

Many wonderful stories exist out there showing that a gentle non-invasive therapy can be truly helpful in the search for good health.   All of these testimonials are signed statements from people who have received therapy from me. 

The (BTPA) Bowen Therapists’ Professional Association collects many more testimonials relating to a large number of health conditions.

A Doctor's View

BOWEN is one of the most useful skills I have learnt since I started working as a GP in 1985. Several years ago while suffering from sciatica I was lucky enough to have a friend who offered to treat me with a new technique she had learned – BOWEN.  I obtained quick and longstanding relief and decided to learn the technique for myself.  …  In every surgery I encounter many musculo-skeletal problems and injuries that respond quickly and easily to BOWEN. It is very satisfying to give patients quick relief from even longstanding problems and treating acute injuries quickly on first presentation means that long term sequelae of injuries is avoided.  The technique is incredibly gentle so no harm can come even to babies or frail elderly patients.  …  If you don’t know who your local BOWEN Practitioners are, I would recommend you find out!

— Claire Pickin GP, South Warwickshire

Lower Back and Pelvic Pain

BOWEN Therapy, EMMETT Technique, NST

I have suffered with back and neck pain for many years following a number of car accidents.  My pelvis had also become twisted following a skiing holiday.  I visited Cathy following a 12 hour spasm in my lower back/pelvis area. I had not been able to stand, walk or lie down in any position for more than a few minutes.  Following a single treatment my problem areas were massively improved and after 24 hours I suffered no further pain at all.  During the treatment Cathy explained what she was doing and why.  I could actually feel the muscles releasing around my pelvis / lower back area.  Instant relief – very impressive!

— Tina, Stoke Golding

Shoulder/Neck/Back Pain

EMMETT Technique, NST

I had long suffered with shoulder / neck / back pain originating from a car accident many years ago, and triggered by my love of horse-riding and in my capacity as a farmer’s wife.  I have had numerous lengthy treatments of osteopathy and physiotherapy which helped initially, but each time, after a period of weeks, my symptoms always returned.  After a chance meeting with Cathy, I decided to try her style of therapy.  Session one was decidedly strange in an emotional, rather than physical way, but after a couple of days I noticed definite improvement.  Two more sessions followed with my pain lessening each time.  Eleven months later I am still absolutely pain free all of the time.  I keep waiting for a reoccurrence and there is none!

— Lynda, Bramcote


BOWEN Therapy

I have curvature of the spine (scoliosis) and was told nothing could be done other than pain killers.  Then I heard of Bowen Therapy from Australia, found Cathy and the therapy, and the rest is history.  They keep me well and comfortable – thank you!

— Maisie, Leicester

Chronic Neck Pain/Migraine

BOWEN Therapy & EMMETT Technique

For any therapy to be successful it is essential to find the right therapist. I had decided to try Bowen – having already trodden the usual path of osteopathy and physiotherapy, in an effort to find relief from long-standing and chronic neck pain. Within minutes of meeting Cathy Vivian I knew that I had – via Google – made the perfect choice. Experienced and professional, she has a wonderfully sympathetic manner with an intuitive understanding of health problems. After only a few treatments, I regained full and pain free movement in my neck and it was two years before I needed to contact her again – when after an operation on my ankle and foot Bowen was approved by my consultant and my pain recovery was much improved. Cathy is now working with me in an effort to improve my chronic migraines. The results are promising and we are both hopeful. I truly cannot recommend her highly enough.

— Margaret, Leicester


BOWEN Therapy

The first time I met Cathy, she put me at ease.  I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years, and a lot of stress the last 3 years.  After my first treatment I felt very relaxed. Over the next few treatments my muscle aches and fatigue were greatly helped by BOWEN Therapy and the advice Cathy gave me in helping my stress levels.  I can highly recommend BOWEN Therapy.

— Issy, Clarendon Park

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

BOWEN Therapy

At the age of 67 I was diagnosed with PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) and given a course of steroids. Muscles in my arms, legs and hands were virtually solid and I had trouble doing every day things in the house so I decided to visit Cathy again as we found out that she has had experience of treating people with PMR. I have had two visits to date and the results are nothing short of miraculous, pain has been massively reduced.  I am so grateful for the relief that Cathy’s treatment has given me.  I have one more treatment planned with possible regular maintenance to keep the pain in recession if need be. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is in need of help as she is both sensitive and caring to patients needs.

— Sandra, Leics.

Multiple Sclerosis, COPD

BOWEN Therapy

In December 1996 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was told that the condition was uncontrollable.  Mine is the primary progressive type and by the year 2000 I was unable to walk more than 300 yards without having to stop for a rest.  I acquired an electric scooter early in 2002 to get around better and started having BOWEN Therapy from Cathy.  This made a huge difference to my energy levels and before long I gave up using the scooter.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with Cryptogenic Fibrosing Alveolitis and given an average of 4 years to live.  Cathy treated me using the respiratory procedure and for 5 years my hospital tests have shown no deterioration.

In August 2009 I was diagnosed as having a COPD lung condition (emphysema) in addition to the CFA.  I continue to have occasional therapy sessions from Cathy and can strongly recommend BOWEN Therapy.

— Martin, Birstall

General Health & Well-being

BOWEN Therapy, NST

I have been a convert to BOWEN Therapy for over ten years.  The overall healing effect, not just on the specific areas being treated, but on my general health and well-being is unparalleled and I have recommended the treatment to a number of fellow sufferers.  I originally was treated for lower back problems (for which I receive regular maintenance therapy), but over the years Bowen has been used on many other parts of me including elbows, knees, hips, sinuses and jaw.  The results, especially the rapid release from pain, are verging on the miraculous.

Cathy Vivian is an excellent practitioner, experienced, capable, sensitive and always willing to both listen and to explain.  She has worked wonders on me over the years.

I firmly believe in the healing power of BOWEN and its ability to encourage and allow the body to repair itself.  I consider it ‘essential maintenance’, equally as important as a healthy diet and exercise and sleep!  It is paramount for achieving equilibrium!

— Angela, Harlaxton

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